Temporary employees often work under hazardous conditions, so someone needs to make sure they’re safe. The problem is, staffing agencies and host employers often consider the other one responsible for these employees. In reality, you’re both equally liable for the safety and well-being of temporary staffers, so you need to work together to create a comprehensive plan.

If you’re looking for Chicago employment agencies, be sure to choose one that makes safety a top priority. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) makes it clear that temporary employees are the joint responsibility of staffing firms and host employers, so choose a partner you can trust.

Define Responsibilities in the Contract

Before a temporary employee sets foot on your worksite, OSHA recommends sitting down with your recruiter to discuss your respective responsibilities. You need to be on the same page at all times to ensure no box is left unchecked. Putting each other’s obligations in writing makes it clear who’s responsible for what and helps ensure compliance with all necessary regulatory requirements.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

OSHA emphasizes the importance of ongoing communication between the recruiter and host company throughout the duration of the temporary staffer’s employment. If an accident does occur, you can’t avoid blame by claiming to be unaware of certain hazards. There’s no such thing as asking too many questions, because you’re required to be in-the-know. When a person’s safety is a stake, you can never be too careful.

Treat Temporary Workers Like Everyone Else

They may not be part of your full-time workforce, but temporary employees have the same rights as everyone else. OSHA is concerned that some employers hire temporary staffer to evade certain compliance requirements under the OSH Act. Furthermore, the agency realizes temporary workers are often not provided adequate safety and health training, and recognizes that this group is more vulnerable to worksite hazards and retaliation than regular, full-time employees. Treating these professionals any differently regarding training and safety and health protections is unacceptable, and if you violate these terms, you will get caught.

At Premium Staffing, Inc. safety is paramount. The well-being of our engineering and manufacturing professionals always comes first, so if you’re looking for a partner you can count on, contact us today!

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