Your team is likely composed of a mix of professionals that hail from various generations. Having baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z on staff can be a wonderful thing, but the same approach cannot be used to manage them.

Workers from each generation are motivated by different things, so you have to know the best ways to inspire them. Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the leading manufacturing and engineering staffing agencies in Chicago — offer tips to help you rouse staffers of each generation.

How to Motivate Workers From Every Generation

Baby Boomers

They’re motivated by money, but baby boomers are also goal-oriented professionals who value promotions and professional development opportunities. Seasoned professionals, they enjoy peer recognition and having their expertise acknowledged by younger generations. Baby boomers don’t require constant feedback, but appreciate a compliment for a job well done. Beyond cash bonuses, you can inspire them with perks like a reserved parking spot, big corner office or a 401(k) match.

Generation X

Known for their independence, Generation X prefers solo work and wants promotions to be skill-based. Driven by money, public recognition and a desire for flexibility, these professionals are willing to work hard for everything they earn. When they do something that really impresses you, show gratitude by calling their accomplishment out immediately.


This young generation has a strong desire to learn and do work that makes a difference. Millennials value skills training, mentoring and constant feedback. They prefer stock options over cash and revel in praise from their superiors. Flexible schedules and paid time off are important to them, so they’re motivated to work hard when they find a company willing to oblige.

Generation Z

The earliest members were born in 1996, so Generation Z is just starting to enter the workforce. There’s still much to be learned about these fresh-faced employees, but they’re definitely motivated by meaningful work. An immensely tech-savvy group, they enjoy online learning opportunities and thrive on praise in front of a group.

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