It’s hard to believe 2017 is almost over, but what a year it’s been! Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what’s in store for you in the next 12 months.

If you’re thinking about searching for new Chicago engineering jobs, now is a great time to start preparing. Polish yourself into a competitive candidate now, because employers are already looking to bulk up their 2018 rosters. Get started by reviewing our top three pieces of wisdom for job seekers this year.

Overworked? How Can You Respectfully Talk to Your Boss About Your Workload?

There’s a fine line between working hard and having too much work on your plate. If lately you’ve crossed into the latter region, it’s time to push back. As an ambitious person, telling your boss your workload is too heavy probably doesn’t feel natural, but it’s necessary because you’re only human. Find out how to respectfully discuss your heavy workload with your boss.

How to Set Your LinkedIn Profile to Notify Recruiters You’re Looking for a New Job

Searching for a new job is always a bit of a challenge when you’re currently employed. You want recruiters to know you’re looking, but need to keep this information from your boss. In the past, turning on LinkedIn’s job seeker alert notified your entire network of your quest to find new employment, but thankfully the site has updated this feature to keep your search confidential. Learn how to use LinkedIn Open Candidates.

The Strategy Behind Exhibiting Confidence While You Are Secretly Nervous and Anxious

It’s hard to appear confident when you’re visibly nervous, but sometimes you just have to fake it. You want people to take you seriously, but it’s hard for others to focus when you’re a bundle of nerves. This article offers three tips to help you appear calm and collected when you’re anything but that, so read and learn.

Preparing to take the next step in your engineering or manufacturing career next year? At Premium Staffing, Inc., we’re engineers ourselves, so we’re equipped to help you find the right fit. Contact us today to start your search for a rewarding position right here in Chicago!

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