It’s been a busy year, but chances are, things have slowed down a bit now that the year is coming to a close. Each month, the manufacturing recruiters at Premium Staffing, Inc. offer multiple pieces of HR advice tailored to manufacturing and engineering managers, because running a business is hard work. Your hectic schedule probably didn’t allow time for a ton of reading, so catch up on the top three articles of 2017 right now.

Are You Recognizing Your Employees for Their Hard Work? If Not, it’s Affecting Their Performance

You have an incredible team of people who work hard every day to make your company a success. They don’t need or expect you to recognize their every move, but a little recognition goes a long way. People feel valued when they know the boss is watching and truly appreciates their contributions to the team. If you’re lacking in this department, take a look at four ways to show your employees their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Why You Should Consider Workplace Stress Reduction Programs in 2017?

High-stress manufacturing and engineering jobs can quickly wear people down — especially overachievers like your team. This article underlines the importance of helping your employees deal with stress in a positive manner, because it doesn’t just go away on its own. Learn four benefits offered by workplace stress reduction programs.

OSHA Update: The Joint Responsibility of Protecting Temporary Employees

Manufacturing and engineering work environments are often filled with hazards, so it’s important to take every possible measure to keep all employees safe. Sometimes this gets a little tricky when temporary workers are involved, because both host employers and staffing agencies consider the other party liable. The truth is OSHA holds both of you responsible for the safety and well-being of temporary staffers, so find out how to choose a partner you can trust.

It’s not too early to start looking ahead to 2018. Premium Staffing, Inc. is standing by right now to help you find top engineering and manufacturing talent, to get your Chicagoland company fully staffed by January. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build your best team yet!

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