These days, pretty much everyone is on social media. In fact, during the software engineer recruitment process, you’re likely checking up on candidates’ online presence. This can make it tempting to connect with existing staffers on popular social sites, but you’re not sure if doing so is appropriate.  

When it comes to this situation, there are no hard and fast rules. Every workplace and every boss-employee relationship is different, so you just have to use your best judgement. Here’s some advice to help you navigate this issue. 

How to Connect With Employees on Social Media 

Let Them Make the First Move 

If you send an employee a request to connect, they’ll likely feel obligated to accept it. That’s the last thing you want, so allow them to be in control. If they want to be part of your social network, they can extend an invitation. This is the fair way to handle the situation because you’re not putting them in a position where they feel like they have to share part of their personal life with you. 

Avoid Touchy Subjects 

Joining an employee’s social network grants you a front-row seat to their personal life. This could include anything from insights on their political views to pictures of their beach vacation. While they’ve chosen to share this content with you, it doesn’t mean you need to acknowledge it. Keep your relationship professional by not liking or commenting on posts that could be deemed inappropriate for a boss’s eyes. 

Consider Enabling Privacy Settings 

When you accept an employee’s request to connect on a social network, they also have access to the content you post. Some social media sites — i.e., Facebook — allow you to enable privacy settings on the updates you share, so consider taking advantage of this. This way, you can set boundaries on the content they can see, without having to decline their invitation to connect. 

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