Being a manager keeps you very busy. In fact, you’re thinking about taking on Chicago hiring support to help you fill an opening on your team. That will be monumentally helpful, but you also need to find ways to get more done daily. 

If you’re always doing something, but never really achieving anything, it’s time to make a change. Here’s some advice to help you prioritize decisions, so you can leave work each day feeling proud of the progress you made. 

4 Tips to Help You Accomplish More Throughout the Day 

Identify Projects With the Highest Value 

Some tasks are more important than others. At the beginning of the day, take a look at your to-do list and prioritize items by the value they bring your company and the urgency in which they need to be completed. This will help you take control of the situation and make sure all your bases are covered. 

Decide What Needs to Be Completed by You 

Every item on your task list needs to be completed, but not necessarily by you. As the boss, you have a lot going on, so you shouldn’t be doing tasks that are low value, menial, and repetitive. Honestly assess your to-do list to see what you can get off your plate. The ability to focus on a few key tasks will allow you to accomplish more each day. 

Delegate Tasks to Your Staff 

After you’ve decided which items on your to-do list don’t require your attention, dole them out to your employees. Try to assign tasks based on staffers’ preferences and skill levels, to keep people happy and help them grow in their preferred direction. In this situation, everyone wins — the work is completed, and employees get to flesh out their resume. 

Be Flexible 

In the business world, things change at a rapid pace — but you already know that. Therefore, it’s important to realize the plan you make for the day might not be the one you ultimately follow. If something happens and you need to shift gears, just go with the flow. Try not to stress about having to change priorities, because some things are out of your control. 

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